Teach Children Responsibility by Being Punctual
by Master Lo


You want your child to learn discipline, build strong character, develop courtesy and acquire confidence so they can persevere in their daily lives, perhaps this is one of the reasons you brought him/her to a martial arts school. In other words you want your child to be able to follow rules, avoid bad decisions, develop good manners and avoid negative peer pressure. You want them to have the self assurance and willpower to be able to face the challenges that they may encounter later in life. One of the simplest ways to help your child practice discipline is to have them attend class on time. Punctuality is a simple way for children to practice responsibility.

Some may think a few minutes late is a minor issue, and it may very well be if it occurs once in a while, however if unpunctuality becomes a regular occurrence then a bad habit begins to develop. Unaddressed, regular tardiness inadvertently teach children that it’s alright to have a lack of concern or a lack of courtesy for others, and in martial arts self-discipline encompasses our ability to understand rules and have the responsibility to carry them out. It shouldn’t be about the practice of ignoring rules. Teach children the importance of time management and help them plan ahead, and if they are running late try and have them call ahead of time, this will teach them accountability and is less disruptive upon arrival.