Will My Child Get Hurt with All the Kicking and Punching?
by Master Lo

Let’s clarify this myth, good quality schools provide a safe environment which teach good morals and self control, students don’t deliberately punch at each other because it’s part of the game as in the case of certain sports. Studies have shown that the martial art is as safe a physical activity compared with other team sports such as soccer and hockey. In this academy, kids are usually getting injuries from another sport, we tell them they should stick to safer activities such as Taekwondo/Karate.

This isn’t so far fetched, martial art is designed to help the student self improve, and self-defense is used only as a last resort. There isn’t a risk for injury while kids aim to improve their confidence through the development of fitness, concentration, manners, respect, responsibility and self control. Indeed the most dangerous students in many martial arts school are not the black belts but the white belts – novices who haven’t yet learned to control their bodies. Because of this reason, this academy does not endorse anyone with less than 6 months of training to participate in any sparring activity; which should be closely supervised and all safety equipment worn.