YES S.I.R. – Say It Respectfully

Gym Rules


1. Please remove shoes prior to entering; absolutely no shoes are
permitted in the gymnasium or on the mats.
2. Please keep voices down when class is in session.
3. Please do not walk through the gymnasium during class.
4. Young children are expected to be supervised by their parents;
not running around, especially when class is in session.
5. Visitors and non members are not permitted to use the gymnasium
or equipment.

1. Practice bowing when entering and leaving the gymnasium.
2. Punctuality is expected, please be changed and on the mats 5 minutes prior to start time. Call ahead if you know you will be late.
3. Only school issued uniforms and t-shirts are allowed to be worn in class. (School issued t-shirts are only permitted during the summer season)
4. School issued clothing are to be kept clean, presentable, and odor free. Offensive and or unclean clothing will not be permitted in class.
5. Maintenance of good personal hygiene is expected. Hands & feet are to be kept clean and all nails trimmed.
6. Don’t wear any jewelry during class.
7. No eating or drinking in the gymnasium.
8. Don’t talk during class unless it is necessary.
9. Absolutely no profanity will be tolerated in class.
10. The gymnasium is not a playground, refrain from horseplay & rowdiness.