Good Habits vs. Bad Habits
by Master Lo


People Are Creatures of Habits
Are your bad habits hindering your ability to reach your goals in life? Do you think adopting good habits could bring you closer to your goals? In truth, these are two realities that many people face, everyday. It makes sense to replace your bad habits with good habits.

This is a very important lesson in leadership that is often overlooked and rarely practiced. By ridding your bad habits that hold you back, you will be developing new, good habits that will provide you with a tremendous advantage in life.

Bad Habits
They usually occur automatically, without thought, and they slow our progress and hinder our potential. Bad habits are the reasons that some students receive bad grades, aren’t accepted into college or fall short of that dream job. Bad habits help us stay exactly where we are in life and drive us further from success, everyday. They are the reasons why most people will settle for less than what they are worth.

Bad habits include:
1. Giving up or quitting 2. Being late or not keeping scheduling 3. Procrastinating or dragging your feet 4. Not honoring your word or not doing what you say 5. Smoking or doing drugs 6. Unhealthy diet 7. Performing below your potential 8. Handing in homework or assignments without checking your work

Good Habits
These are the constant factors that help us produce excellent results in our lives. Adopting good habits can help you produce better work and experience greater results in life.

Good habits include:
1. Not giving up, finish what you have started 2. Don’t be late, be reliable 3. Don’t waste time 4. Keep your word, do what you say 5. Don’t smoke (don’t give in to negative peer pressure) 6. Maintain healthy lifestyle 7. Practice martial arts at high level 8. Goal setting and living up to your potential 9. Being conscientious with chores and homework

Martial Arts Is About Personal Growth
To change your bad habits into good habits will take a little bit or work and effort, but the payoff is tremendous; you’re building a great foundation of character, strength and perseverance by eliminating a few bad habits and adding good life skill habits that will stay with you for a lifetime. Daily effort is necessary. Skip one day and you will jeopardize your opportunity for change.